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    23. Nov 2016
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    Fandt det her i en tråd på UK forummet, lyder spændende.. Hvis vi kunne samle en stamme igen som da vi vandt w27 på UK

    Hi guys, as most of u already know, the .ES classic rounds, are becoming a meeting of some of the best TW players of multiple tw servers...

    Each classic, between 3-7 proyects from other countries/servers, come to compete, for being the winner of the world.

    Las one were won by a Turquish tribe, of pretty good players.

    This one is going to be amazing, as we already have lots of serious proyecs from from other servers, plus multiple from the spanish people.

    Anyways, if u dont have a proyect and u want to join, do not get scared, there is plenty of multilingual tribes whiling to recruit exceptional players.

    We (diferent spanish players, not the staff) are trying to collect around 15+k of premium points to give them as price to the winners, IN THE .NET or the .es(as u prefer).

    We invite u to join and have a real competitive old school classic.

    World config:

    World Speed: 4
    Unit speed: 1
    Moral: No
    Miliseconds: Yes
    Fake limit: No
    Investigations: 3levels
    Church: No
    Growing barbs: Ye (4300)
    Bonos villages: No
    Noob pretection: 4 days.
    Atack max range: No
    Archivements: Ye
    Flags: No
    Archers: No
    Militia: No
    Paladin items: No

    NO PREMIUM SHIT (resources trade, resources buying...) except PREMIUM ACC and FARM ASSISTANT.

    Max tribe members: 15 (but most of tribes make 2 tribes, not all).
    Vacation mode: Yes
    Cardinal number selection: Yes

    Win condition: AFTER 90 DAYS, one tribe MUST CONTROLL 70% OF PLAYER VILLAGES FOR 12 DAYS!

    STARTING DATE: 27.10.17 22:00
  2. Baulerss

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    13. Jan 2012
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    pas paa spil firmaer der udnytter din "addiction", lidt for mange ender med at bruge flere penge end de burde og dem der ikke bruger penge modtager lort for deres dedikation.

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